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Anorak Jacket Definition

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He turns his anorak from back to front, pulls his hood over his face and then lets the tupilek hang between his legs. These sample sentences are automatically selected from various online information sources to reflect the current use of the word “anorak”. The opinions expressed in the examples do not represent the opinion of Merriam-Webster or its editors. Send us your feedback. Above the Timiak, an outer vest (anorak) is worn, which is now mainly made of cotton. The anorak could be the best of yesterday and today, mixed into a single shift. This style of clothing was first worn by the Eskimos, Inuit and other Indigenous peoples who lived in the cold climates of the Arctic. Traditional anorak coats were made from animal skin and treated with fish oil to make them waterproof. To warm up, the natives often lined the anoraks with fur. An anorak is a waterproof jacket with a hood. Another word for an anorak is a parka.

Given the recent popularity of this type of jacket, this is probably due to the clarity that provides a definitive explanation of what exactly makes an anorak an anorak an anorak. To do this, we look at the origins of the weatherproof layer. The word anorak comes from the Greenlandic annoraaq, which roughly means “wind”. Wind and cold are exactly what the first anoraks need to protect themselves against. The Inuit made them with animal skin, often from seals and caribou, which had to be hardened, stretched and treated with oils to turn them into a waterproof, windproof layer. Now Gore-Tex and Ripstop-Nylon are doing this work for us, much to the chagrin of seals and deer everywhere. Today, anoraks are popular with people who enjoy hiking, biking, trail running, and other outdoor activities. As an anorak is water and wind resistant, it is an ideal accessory for those who spend time outdoors. The hood provides extra protection against the weather, and the lightweight material most anoraks are made of makes them easy to pack and carry. Many anoraks also have large front pockets, ideal for storing small utensils such as keys, a phone, insect repellent, sunscreen or snack. So there you have it. An anorak is a hoodie – if it is completely open, it is not an anorak.

The Inuit used to feed theirs fur for more warmth, but technical anoraks today can be filled with down and synthetics, or they have no insulation and they simply act as a layer of waterproof, windproof shell. Many anoraks are lined with fur or other warm, woolly material. Arctic explorers and mountaineers wear anoraks, as do Inuit and other Indigenous peoples in very cold regions. In fact, the Inuit invented anorak for hunting and fishing, from sealskin and caribou covered with fish oil. The Kalaallisut language of Greenland used the word Anoraq, which became Anorak in the 1930s. “If I met my eight-year-old self, I`d say, `Don`t listen to what they say about you. Wear your anorak with pride!` (Peter Capaldi) The word anorak usually refers to a short, waterproof coat with a small zippered opening and a hood (a piece to cover the head). Some anoraks also have cords at the waist and wrists. Anoraks are fashionable. Nevertheless, brands cannot agree on what exactly makes an anorak an anorak.

“Anorak.” dictionary Merriam-Webster.com, Merriam-Webster, www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/anorak. Accessed September 30, 2022. Anorak is a word derived from the Greenlandic Eskimo word “Anoraq”, referring to a waterproof jacket with a piece that covers the head usually worn by indigenous peoples in cold climates. In the 1930s, this type of coat became popular in Western culture and the word anorak was incorporated into English. “While we`re doing `Bake Off`, I can get very cold, so I often hold a hot water bottle in my hand or lie under an anorak and a warm hat.” (Mary Berry) See the full definition in macmillan dictionary. After the hockey mother carrying Anorak and the vice presidential candidate carrying Akris Punto: car biographer carrying Aqua. In addition to the pants and the light calf anorak, he made stockings from the same material. But still, what exactly is an anorak and how does it differ from a jacket? According to the fall 1975 edition of Backpacker, an anorak is “a hooded outer garment up to the waist” that “has a short zipper on the hood.” The omniscient Wikipedia agrees that, unlike a parka or jacket, the anorak is characterized as a “sweater jacket with no front opening.” It`s a word that comes up more and more: anorak. But a brief overview of the brands that make anoraks shows that there`s no consensus on what exactly an anorak is — some are hoodies, some have quarter zippers, and others that come with full-length zippers don`t seem to be any different from what you might normally call a jacket. Whatever form they come in, one thing is certain: anoraks are fashionable. Our burberry garments are made in the form of anorak (blouse) and trousers, both very spacious. Are you planning to drop the zipper? Here are our five favorite anoraks you can get today.

1. A short coat with a hood (the part that covers your head) 2. Someone who is very interested in something that most people think is boring or not fashionable.