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Will Law Betray Luffy in Wano

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So there have been a handful of quotes of pirate alliances that don`t end well and end in betrayal. If I were to bet money here now, I would say that Law betrays Luffy, just for the sole reason, whenever Oda says something egregious in the story, it is better to believe that it will happen. We all know how meticulous he is with the premonition of things. My thing is, I don`t see why Law would betray Luffy. Can any of you think of a reason? In addition, we have already received Kanjuro betraying the scabbards/alliances. In extension, I will talk about another D, as well as another possible D.By the way, Law will not reveal the straw hats for Kaido. Even though it seems that Law has completely betrayed the Straw Hats for Kaido, Oda will find a way to make Law believe that he “did what he did” to help the Straw Hats. That`s because Law has nothing to gain from Kaido. With him, I think we`ll see important characters like Smoker, Tashigi, some members of CP0, maybe an admiral like Fujitora who promised Luffy`s head and Law to Sakazuki. And finally, with Vegapunk, Lammy is introduced as Vegapunk`s assistant. I think Smoker and Luffy will do their own thing, Zoro and Tashigi too.

CP0, on the other hand, will talk to Law and make a deal with him. The deal will be Luffy in exchange for Lammy. Law I think I`ll be shocked at first when I learn that Lammy is alive, and he will reluctantly accept CP0`s requests. After the fight against Kaido, if Luffy is really weak, Law will sell Luffy to CP0. And they will give him Lammy. Also, by the way, Law may have been released into the prison where he was held by CP0. But without vegapunk, Lammy won`t have much time to live. When Law sees Lammy on his deathbed, he will perform the juvenile surgery for several years and save her by sacrificing himself. Will the law betray Luffy? – Quora.

TLDR – No, Law won`t betray Luffy, he will actually save Luffy`s life (really). It is true that Law`s personality and ideals are not so clear. He wants to find a piece, but this desire is not so strongly expressed when compared to Luffy. Thus, from chapter 964 until Kaido`s defeat, Law will not betray the Straw Hats, even though he seems to have joined Kaido, Law`s ultimate goal will be to defeat Kaido. And to achieve this, he could even join Kaido and secretly help the Straw Hats defeat Kaido from within. But once Kaido is defeated, I feel like Law will betray the Straw Hats. What for? That`s because Law assured Luffy that he won`t betray Straw Hats. And already in the Punk Hazard arc in chapter 668, Robin even told that alliances go hand in hand with betrayal. Both can be achieved if Law betrays Luffy to the world government at the end of the arc after Kaidou is defeated. Since Luffy defeated Kaido, the alliance is over and Law did not betray the straw hats during his alliance, and Robin`s premonition has also come true because the alliance ended in betrayal. This gives us a clear motivation for Law to follow Fano, but what role will he play in prosecuting him? This brings us to the first possibility, the popular theory, that Law is a member of the secret naval organization Sword. This idea originally stems from this interaction between Law and Drake in Saboady, Law seems familiar with Drake.

That is why Law would never be willing to take such a step. Personally, I think Law is very unlikely to betray the Strawhats for a host of reasons: Law`s strongest motivation for betraying Luffy is to get the Poneglyphs from the road, and this is Law`s most likely way to do it. He was there on Zou when they heard about the Poneglyphs of the road. It`s possible that he once stole the friction of the two who got the straw hats of Zou and Whole Cake Island. The law will not betray Luffy. He`s a good guy and he doesn`t betray his friends. We saw it twice when he said that if Luffy died against Doflamingo, he would, and when he sacrificed himself in a wano to save his crew. That will not happen.

Here`s One Piece 1047`s surprise about Law`s betrayal of Luffy. I mean, it was hard to see a vagina betray them all. They`ve been through so much together. Monkey D Ruffy`s journey as the main character to One Piece 1047 has so far gone smoothly and betrayal. So if she couldn`t find a doctor willing and able to cure her, or a devil`s fruit to save her while bypassing the world government along the way and in just a few months, her escape from the city was useless. But if there had been someone who could have healed her and been taken directly there without being hidden from the world government, she could have survived. I mean, what would have happened if the guards or someone higher up had taken her as a test person to find the cure for her illness, for someone who could actually cure her, then I think she could have survived. The main reason they would do this is that if someone important has been infected with this disease, such as the nobles of Flevance (Land of Laws), they must find a way to cure it. Whereas I think Law is too deeply rooted in this alliance and too fan favorite for Oda to suddenly let him betray the Straw Hats now, but for anyone who believes that Law showed no interest in One Piece or that his only goal in life was to defeat Doflamingo: This chapter points out that Law is at least interested in “stealing the throne” before jumping. And, even more anecdotally, when Luffy Kid and Law announce that he would be the one to find One Piece, they both give him a look that suggests they both have a personal interest in the subject. This statement seems to indicate that there will be a betrayal that will occur in the Straw Hat Alliance. It will be interesting to see if Law Luffy is revealed in One Piece 1047 or in the next chapters.

If Law does not remain an ally, what will be his loyalty, if any? Will he be friend or foe? Now we have to face the possibility of betrayal. Law`s loyalty has also been questioned before. After Drake helped him escape and turned the situation around, Hawkins questioned Law`s intentions, Law only said it wasn`t Drake`s business. Also Luffy and other supernovae fight against 2 Yonkos and the possible inclusion of Blackbeard. Blackbeard could end up coming to kill Kaido and take his devil, Fruit.So once the Yonkos are defeated by Luffy, the Marines and the World Government, who would not dare to act against Kaido, suddenly find a golden opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. They will have 2 less Yonkos to do and if they can get credit for their defeat, they will get a lot of public support that they lost because of Fujitora and Doflamingo. But the world government will want to capture Luffy, who has reportedly already defeated Kaidou. Since CP0 are also there, they would be worried that Luffy was too strong and they would call Law to capture him. So how will the world government do this? Well, Orochi urged Vegapunk at the beginning of the Wano arc to continue giving the world government the weapons it needs. Out of fear of Kaido, I think CP0 will be compliant and we will introduce Vegapunk to Fano.

Is it possible that Law will ever betray Luffy? Because this type of motif often appears in One Piece stories. Anyway, for this reason, I think he will end the alliance, but will not betray Luffy and fight alongside him until they defeat Kaido and Big Mom. Lammy was last seen in the closet of a hospital, which was burned to the ground. Even if she had escaped from the hospital before it burned down, she would never have been able to walk far because she was really sick and could barely walk. It was therefore impossible for him to flee the guards, who set fire to everything in sight. This makes it almost impossible for Lammy to survive. I think Oda really did everything she could to make us believe she was dead. But since Oda wants us to believe that she is dead, I think she survived. Why do I think Lammy is alive? Well, if this were another anime where supposedly “dead” characters don`t come back alive, then we could say she`s dead. But it`s One Piece, and Oda isn`t going to kill characters like that. Oda did the same for Sabo, Pagaya and Pell. They survived, even though their chances of survival were almost nil.

Even for the ship Going Merry, Oda did the same. So until a person`s corpse is shown, we cannot assume that the character is dead. The same goes for Pedro, Pound, etc., they could have survived their death, you never know. It is like Schrödinger`s cat until the corpse of the figure is shown, we must be open to the possibility that the figure is alive and dead at the same time. Even though there is an insignificant chance of survival for her, since we have not seen her corpse and we are contributing to the fact that she is a D, I believe she survived. Why would Law sacrifice himself? Well, it`s her older brother and it`s his duty to save her. Apart from this obvious reason, Law herself said that the disease cannot be cured, as it ages, it will die.