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Wisconsin Legal Forms Milwaukee

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We now have posters, hardships, rent deferrals, affidavits and waiver forms available. The forms are widely used in the legal profession, ranging from standard court system forms found online to standard contractual clauses drafted by experts. Find forms online or in secondary law sources such as books, articles, encyclopedias, and practice-oriented articles. Librarians can help you with your research. The Law Library does not provide legal advice, and the answers or forms given should not be construed as legal advice. Ask a question The Wisconsin State Bar Market on WisBar.org includes a repository of online forms, and Wisconsin Legal Blank sells a variety of forms. Our libraries also sell national, local and other legal forms. For court cases, first consult the Wisconsin court system`s standard forms for county and appellate court cases. District courts may have their own forms.

Search the Wisconsin State Law Library resource database for forms specific to your county. Outside of court, there may be other mandatory forms, such as those from the Wisconsin Division of Security and Professional Services Library for real estate contract forms. On the Legal Topics Search page, you will find forms for a specific type of legal case. We are always up to date. When you purchase WLB products, your account dashboard also notifies you of updates to the forms you use. Did you know that some laws in Wisconsin include a language of form? These include subpoenas, Wisconsin Basic Will and Basic Will with Confidence, Parental Power of Attorney, etc. To find specific types of forms, search for laws by topic or search for topics in the Wisconsin Statutes Index. Ask a librarian if you need help.

For lawyers, secondary sources go beyond academic interest. Practice papers are intended to familiarize lawyers with a particular area of law. These do not always provide in-depth scientific analysis, but usually contain enough discourse on topics to be useful to those working in this field. These often cite legal authorities that can be used in research validation. While secondary sources don`t always include sample forms, there are plenty of reliable places to start your search. You can also use books like Warren`s Forms of Agreements by Lexis, Nichol`s Cyclopedia of Legal Forms, West`s Legal Forms, and American Jurisprudence Legal Forms. Warren`s is available through the Lexis Digital Library with a pass from the State Law Library.