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Woodforest Bank Legal Fee

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Woodforest Second Chance Checking® is essentially the bank account version of a secured credit card. Specifically, it`s perfect for anyone who has struggled with overdrafts and other bank charges in the past. This account does not earn any interest, but $25 is enough to open one. Naturally, this verification option comes with fees, such as a one-time setup fee of $9 and a monthly service fee of $9.95 or $11.95, depending on whether or not you make a monthly direct deposit. Five checking account options are available through Woodforest: Woodforest Checking, Second Chance Checking, Choice Checking, Sterling Advantage and Platinum Plus Checking®. The Woodforest chequing account is the default account as it offers several ways to avoid the $6.95 monthly service fee. In fact, as long as you make one direct deposit per statement cycle or don`t let your account balance drop below $100 at any time, the bank will waive it. Woodforest National Bank has all the resources and advantages that make it a great combination of a national bank and a local bank. Its more than 788 offices in 17 states; a variety of offers for checks, savings, CDs, IRAs and MMA accounts; And updated online banking technology can make it competitive with some of the biggest players in banking.

But because Woodforest manages less money, has fewer customers, and charges less costs, it has more of a “hometown” feel. Woodforest only offers individual retirement accounts (IRAs) in CD form, making saving for retirement easy and reliable. However, this significantly limits your choice of accounts for your pension funds, as the money placed on a CD becomes sacrosanct the minute the term begins. One option that many banks offer to solve this problem is to allow customers to choose between an IRA CD and an IRA money market account. However, Woodforest does not offer this service. As a general rule, the larger the bank, the worse the interest rates and the rule applies to Woodforest. Unfortunately, even the highest checking and savings accounts and the most durable CDs are part of this trend. This makes it difficult for a Woodforest account to outperform those of some of its competitors. Join the diverse and inclusive team at our award-winning, nationally renowned bank, one of the strongest in the country. Woodforest National Bank is a privately held company and our employee stock ownership program is the largest shareholder. We focus on building relationships and finding opportunities to better serve our communities and understand the financial needs of each client we serve. At Woodforest, we care and prove it by volunteering with local charities and food banks to give back to the communities we serve.

When you join Woodforest, you are part of one of the largest employee-owned banks in the country! Woodforest National Bank is one of the largest “small” banks you`ll ever come across, with approximately 788 branches in 17 states. It has a wide selection of savings accounts, checking accounts, certificates of deposit (CDs), IRAs and a single money market account (MMA). The bank has a consistent theme of low minimum deposit requirements and monthly service fees. Woodforest`s mobile app scores an average of 3.5 stars between Apple and Android platforms, slightly further than the online banking site. You can deposit checks through the app, use the branch/ATM locator, and send and receive money through the Western Union® online money transfer program that has been integrated with Woodforest. You can even “turn off” your debit card remotely if you lose it. Online banking has become an integral part of the banking industry, and Woodforest National Bank has embraced this market shift. This allows you to check the balances of all your accounts at the bank, view transaction history, and set up one-time and recurring transfers between accounts.

Customers also have the option to take care of a number of other administrative matters, such as: ordering checks or a new debit card, requesting payment stops, and signing up for automatic security and account alerts. Required skills: · Good Internet research skills with knowledge of Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, Outlook, SharePoint portal pages) and ability to quickly learn and navigate banking software applications and systems (Bancline, Mozart) and related government websites. · CRM experience and case management software a plus. · Excellent organizational and data entry skills, maintaining accuracy and ability to meet deadlines. · Advanced reading and comprehension skills. · Customer orientation with effective problem-solving skills and informed decision-making skills. · Ability to follow instructions and apply appropriate policies, procedures and policies. · the ability to work flexible hours; showed good attendance and punctuality. · Analytical and detail-oriented, works fast and multitasking.

· Excellent oral and written communication skills with the ability to maintain confidentiality and professionalism when interacting with internal and external parties. · Knowledge of banking policies and procedures with the ability to read and understand related legal documents, laws and statutes. Your interest rate will rise the more willing you are to put your money aside. The APY of the one- and three-month CDs is quite unspectacular, but makes the APY of 0.45% of the five-year CD fantastic. In reality, however, other banks have beaten this interest rate quite easily when comparing CD rates. Woodforest National Bank is a full-service bank. It offers checking accounts, savings accounts, CDs, personal loans, car loans, mortgages and credit cards. *Regardless of account type, if items are presented for payment that exceeds your account balance, insufficient or overdraft fees will be charged each time the item is presented, whether the item is paid for or returned.

This includes, but is not limited to, debit card transactions, such as ATM withdrawals, that exceed your account balance, which may result in an overdraft fee of $32.00 when paying for the transaction. Payment of overdrafts and transactions is at our discretion, and more than one insufficient commission or overdraft may be charged in a single day. For more information on our insufficient or overdraft fees, please consult our fee schedule available at www.woodforest.com or 1-877-968-7962. For full details of our products, services and fees, including key details about our fees and overdraft options, please visit one of our convenient branches and speak to a retail banker. Your Woodforest National Bank debit card is the most direct way to use the money in your account. You can swipe it to any number of ATMs without fees for cash, or you can use it as a direct payment method like a credit card.